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Elev8 Premium Vape Pens

Elev8 is the first ever recreational use only THC distillate vape pen on the market. The elev8 vape pen consist of 94% THC distillate and natural flavouring; no PG, VG, PGe or artificial flavouring.
Most pens on the market are filled with a suspended crude extract like shatter (BHO) or have a watered down form of distillate that is full of fillers. The reason for this is because the majority of pens on the market were actually designed for e-juice, not concentrates, so the product has to be diluted to work properly.

The Elev8 vape pens are designed specifically for the viscosity of our THC distillate. Because the pens are designed for THC distillate they provide a richer taste and more potent effect.
The elev8 team decided early on not to have strain flavours in its cartridges because it felt it served no purpose reintroducing strain terpenes back into the distillate that was meant to isolate the THC molecule.
When you isolate THC, you remove all the characteristics that a strain has. In other words, the THC molecule is the same in bubba kush as it is in super lemon haze. It also makes no difference if the distillation process is using a Sativa, hybrid or Indica strain.

Elev8 wanted to provide consumers with the fun, recreational part of cannabis; the psychoactive part!

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