Assorted Quadz Shatter Ounce

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A full ounce (zip) of assorted Quadz Shatter flavors. 28 grams in total. 

Quadz is a local company, specializing in the production of high-end extracts. Their premium brand of shatter is already becoming a favorite among many shatter users in B.C. and across Canada. Their soil to oil process takes place in-house, under the supervision of qualified experts, who have worked in the cannabis industry for years. This ensures that Quadz products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. 

Patients ranging from beginner users to avid enthusiasts have been raving about the wonderful flavors and variety that Quadz offers. Many reviews on online blogs and website are a testament to the fantastic products that Quadz produces and brings to the market. Users point to smooth smoke, delightful tastes, and exceptional highs as their biggest reasons for continuing to buy the various flavors that Quadz offers. This company continues to see success, as customers continue to see why this company’s products are so far ahead of its competitors.

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