Why Every Canadian Should Consider Trying CBD Oil


Cannabidiol is gaining a lot of popularity in Canada. And it does it for all the good reasons. Canadians are well aware that CBD oil is highly beneficial. So much that everyone is using it. From young adults to seniors, CBD oil can help you take care of plenty of issues, conditions, and even disorders.

But we’re here to give you the 5 reasons why every Canadian should give CBD oil a try. If you’re currently debating whether or not to do that, then this article will certainly convince you.

So with all that said, let’s start.

CBD Oil Is Natural

When we look at all the ways we can look after our health, it’s safe to say that not everything is natural and organic. But that’s precisely what CBD oil is. CBD is a naturally occurring compound of the hemp plant. We have many uses for hemp, but we also use it to extract cannabidiol.

Once we do that through the appropriate means, we can make CBD oil. There are a few ways to make CBD oil, but the safest way is through CO2 extraction. This method also ensures the quality of the CBD and keeps it all-natural.

We Can Take It Daily

One way for Canadians to take CBD oil is daily. Creating a daily CBD regime is not only beneficial, but it makes cannabidiol more effective. We can experience the CBD through the endocannabinoid system. Every mammal has an ECS and it is solely responsible for us to experience the benefits and effects of CBD.

By taking daily CBD oil, you are charging the ECS. This makes it easier to do the stuff it is intended to do such as regulate sleep, improve mood, appetite, and more.

We Can Take CBD Oil In Many Forms

Versatility is a huge reason why CBD oil is so popular. While many are lead to believe that CBD oil is just that, that couldn’t be further from the actual truth. CBD oil can be made into dozens of products. The CBD oil market in Canada is so big that there is a product for everything.

Not only that, but Canadians can take CBD in many ways. They can take it sublingually, orally, topically, intranasally, and more. Some of the most popular products on the Canadian market include tinctures, topicals, vapes, CBD cigarettes, gummies, and more. Let’s explain what they are.

CBD Tinctures

The most distinct characteristic about CBD tinctures is that they come with a droplet that allows Canadians to add a few drops of CBD under the tongue. What’s important here is to keep the CBD under the tongue for a maximum of one minute. This allows the mucus to absorb the CBD and that makes it much more effective.

If you simply swallow the CBD oil drops, then you won’t feel the same effects or potency of the cannabidiol.

CBD Topicals

As the name suggests, topicals are skincare products that are meant to be applied to the skin. These include creams, salves, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs, and more. The whole point of CBD topicals is to offer Canadians a consumption method that doesn’t require any inhaling or ingesting of the CBD.

Since our skin excellently absorbs CBD, topicals are quite effective products. CBD oil might be the main ingredient when making CBD topicals, but skincare companies add other ingredients that enhance the properties of the cannabidiol.

CBD Vapes

Vapes are very popular products in Canada. When vaping, users should know that they’re getting the most effective form of cannabidiol. Vaping goes directly into the lungs, where the bloodstream distributes cannabidiol throughout our bodies.

The cannabidiol will eventually go to the brain area and that’s precisely why inhaling is so effective. Canadians can expect cannabidiol to take effect in just under two minutes. When it comes to choosing vapes, there are two options in terms of pens. You’ve got disposable and rechargeable vape pens.

As for cartridges, Canadians can buy cartridges filled with CBD oil juice to refill their pens, or they can buy cartridges that go into non-CBD vapes. This gives users a higher dose of versatility as they don’t have to buy CBD-specific vape pens.

Another wonderful thing about CBD vapes is that in Canada, buyers can buy vape juices infused with all kinds of flavors.

CBD Edibles

The last CBD oil product that we’ll talk about is edibles. Edibles are definitely fun products that many shoppers prefer. CBD edibles are so popular that the Canadian market for gummies is valued at around $440 million! And that’s only taking into account a single product from the edibles category.

Gummies are the most popular edibles on the market, but there are many others. These include hard candies, chocolates, and many beverages. This gives Canadians lots of options as there are so many brands making CBD edibles in Canada.

CBD Oil Doesn’t Get You High

A reason why CBD oil is so popular in Canada is the fact that it doesn’t get users high. Many confuse CBD with THC. Well, it’s important to understand that CBD oil in Canada cannot contain more than 0.3% of THC. This amount isn’t capable enough of getting users high.

CBD Oil Is Highly Beneficial

In the beginning, we addressed that CBD is indeed beneficial. But what are Canadians taking CBD oil specifically for? Managing pain and inflammation is one of the most common reasons why Canadians turn to CBD oil. Other benefits of cannabidiol include sleep, for managing anxiety, depression, and mood, for chronic issues such as arthritis, and more.